Connect with nature, volunteer, and make a real difference!

We are bringing passionate people together to grow the home of our native wildlife. Join our overnight volunteer projects to explore amazing wild places, meet awesome people and have a great time restoring the environment!

Join our overnight volunteer projects!

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  • Start Monday or Thursday

  • Volunteer for 2 days or more

  • Weekdays only

  • Small cost involved to cover transport, accommodation and meals ($89 adults, $49 kids).


  • When you arrive, meet and work alongside your guide and fellow volunteers in small groups.

  • Put your passion to work on a range of great conservation activities like planting native trees.


  • Take your time to explore the local area and get to know your team members.

Who we are.

Wild Heart Project is part of Conservation Volunteers New Zealand and Shades of Green. Learn more about us and our wonderful partners and supporters that make it all possible.

Explore and help look after these amazing wild places we call home!


What do other volunteers say?

"The thing I liked the most about my volunteering experience was being immersed in nature. The work was good, we did a lot of different things. As a gardener, it was interesting for me to learn new things about New Zealand's flora. I would definitely recommend it."


Volunteer locally for single day projects.

Discover your local places and make a difference to our natural habitat by joining one of Conservation Volunteers NZ one-day projects. There's usually no cost for these projects, and you can join for just one event, or come as often as you like.


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